The Right Time:

The weight loss market is currently a thriving $60 billion industry and growing quickly. People everywhere are seeking new ways to lose weight, get healthy and improve their quality of life. It’s clear that the wellness lifestyle trend is here to stay. Now is the time to tap into this market – don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain your share of this industry with high growth potential!

The Right Concept:

Create Wellness Systems is a cash-based business model which easily integrates weight loss and body balancing into your current practice. At a time in which people are prioritizing whole body wellness and taking charge of their health, this technology-based program is appealing to everyone. CWS is a lucrative, comprehensive concept which has long-term profitability potential for you and lasting health benefits for your clients

The Right Business Model:

With CWS you can replace the uncertainty in your business with our tried and tested systems and processes. This turnkey program makes it simple to own and operate – you don’t have to be an expert, just follow the plan. Everything you need to make this cutting edge technology part of your business will be at your fingertips when you subscribe, along with plenty of support. We offer the advantages of a franchise, in terms of support and resources, without all of the restrictions of a franchise. Win, win!

9 Benefits Of Helping People Lose Weight With Our System

  • Attract massive amounts of new, cash based patients
  • Differentiate yourself from other practices
  • Market to the entire adult population
  • Low overhead model that integrates with your existing practice
  • Staff driven not bound by insurance
  • Proven success for you and your patients
  • Turn-key business based on technology
  • Fast Return On Investment
  • Make money while helping change the lives and health of thousands of people
“This is a duplicable weight loss system allowing scalability with multiple locations and true predictable immediate cash profits, sometimes exceeding $20,000 in one day.

Having owned 12 practices and many other businesses over the past 21 years, I have never seen anything like it.”
Dr. Darin Upchurch, DC

“CWS drove $80,000 in additional revenue to our practice in two months. I am still in the clinic the same hours, but I feel the patients have experienced better health through CWS. This is used as an added investment, not a replacement to my career.”Dr. Scott Kremer, DC
“We treated 67 patients in our first 45 days. This added $148,000 in top-line revenue to our practice.”
Dr. Matt M., DC


Weight Loss Business Income Estimator

It’s what your business needs.

What inspired you to open your own practice?

Facilitating the wellbeing of others is undoubtedly at the core; along with the freedom, flexibility and endless possibility entrepreneurship promises.

However, your income is currently based on people having a health problem vs. a proactive approach to overall wellness. Merely “fixing what is broken” is an unrewarding cycle to individuals who care deeply about the wellbeing of others.

Create Wellness Systems (CWS) will provide you with a way to proactively help your clients live their best, healthiest lives by losing weight. Assisting with their transformation will be both personally and financially rewarding.

Let us help you get started!

A 15 minute call will likely change your life forever.

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Weight Loss Success Stories From Patients

What Exactly is Create Wellness Systems (CWS)?

Create Wellness Systems is a technology based program that diagnoses barriers to optimal health.

Utilizing the latest developments in Cellular Bio-Communication Technology, this program enables you to determine precisely which supplements your client’s body has a biological preference for and the exact dosage needed to achieve internal system balance.

Additionally, this technology is able to produce an individualized food list that outlines specific proteins, vegetables and fruits the body has a cellular affinity to. The result is incredibly fast, sustainable weight loss and overall wellness.

Everything you need to integrate this cutting edge technology into your business is at your fingertips. We offer complete support for as long as you are a CWS subscriber.

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